Wednesday, November 16, 2011

M&SU Workbench - Guild Autopsy

I have finally finished painting my first full group of models. When I say finished I mean table top, get them on the table playing. I still have a couple of things I want to do to the coats and the bases but this is good for now.

I experimented multiple times with trying to find an undead skin color and eventually gave up and settled for the one used in these pictures. It ended up being a Vallejo Model Color Light Grey with s very small bit of Vallejo Game Color Goblin Green. I finished it off with a GW Sepia wash just to try and highlight some of the details. I have since ordered the Reaper Triad Undead Skin pack and will be using it on my next models.

The trench coats were painted using Vallejo Model Air Dark Grey Primer then highlighted using the above mentioned VMC Light Grey. GW Badab Black was used to add further shadows and then GW Devlan Mud was added in multiple layers to add the dirty bottom effects. VGC Bloody Red was used for the cuffs and trim to the coats.

The Boots were VGC Leather Brown with some shading of Leather Brown with a drop of VGC Charred Brown. These also received the GW Devlan Mud wash when the coats were done.

The bases were created using wooden coffee stirrers to make the wooden floor planks and cork was used to make the earth ripped from the ground underneath the floor boards. The wooden planks aren't quite where I want them to be. I simply did a couple of layers of Devlan Mud wash at this point. I think I may go back and actually paint them to try and mimic floor boards a bit more. The cork was based with the previously mentioned VGC Charred Brown and then dry brushed with progressively lighter Charred Brown using VGC Earth. I am fairly happy with this effect and only want to add some simulated roots coming out of the cork at this time. I think I may try floral wire painted a light brown and see how that looks.

The only thing I wanted to mention that is hard to see in the photos are that the pistols and the blade (which was reversed compared to most models) actually have a rust wash added to them to make them look old and unused as well.

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