Thursday, October 20, 2011

What's In The Soulstone Bag? #2
I am still messing around with my setup for taking photos but I think they are steadily increasing with each new shot and slight adjustments I make. In the soulstone bag this week we have some additions for my Arcanists and Rasputina crew specifically.

I am constantly looking for new information and tactics on the web regarding Malifaux. I find more blogs and twitter accounts to follow almost daily. I think one of the best additions to my arsenal of reading material though has been the Pull My Finger Wiki for Malifaux. I have been spending about a hour a night on average simply following one link to the next to see what they have for each model. There is just an amazing amount of information there already and continues to grow. I really like the fact that they found a way to have all of this information without actually posting rules and statistics that could be seen as copyright infringement.

Anyways, after reading several areas throughout the Arcanists and Tina's pages I decided to order an Essence of Power to increase the efficiency of her spells. I also ordered my first Silent One (probably with another or two in the near future) to give Tina some decent to use her Ice Mirror with. Lastly, I ordered the Snow Storm model to increase mobility threats. Not to mention I think it is a gorgeous looking model.

The only downfall I have for any of these models is the fact that the Snow Storm is a large resin sculpt and from what I have seen of it out of the box already it is going to need a lot of clean up and prep work before it gets painted. There is quite a lot of flash present that needs removed carefully due to the amount of detail in the models fur.

All in all I think these models will be great additions to my Rasputina crews. I also finished my first winter themed base on a different model so I feel more comfortable doing all of these with the same technique.


  1. My regular opponent Fug just bought Snow Storm this weekend, and of course the model landed on my desk to build. I agree with your assessment that there is a fair about of resin that will need to be cleaned but it should be a fun build.

    I have found facing two Silent Ones plus the Essence of Power is nasty and the potential of Snow Storm means I will have to rethink my tactics. The Ceberus has also caused problems for me when facing Tina in the past, although Fugs tends to throw him in very early and he dies as a consequence. Definitely two Silent Ones though.

  2. Sorry for the delayed response I was traveling for work all of last week and my internet access was limited.

    First thanks for swinging by bud! I actually built up a rock base made of cork and assembled the "Storm" portion of the model while in my hotel last week. The resin wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be to clean up. I still have to fill some gaps around the arms and antlers but that isn't too much to ask. I will then paint up that model and the base before attaching "Snow" in front of "Storm". I think it just might be my favorite model so far though.