Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Miners and Steamfitters Union Established

The first set that I have begun working on for my Malifaux crews is the Arcanists - Ramos box set. This is the set that comes with Ramos, 1 Steamborg Executioner Class and 6 individual Steampunk Arachnids which I believe are typically built as two Steampunk Arachnid Swarms. This was one of two box sets that I originally purchased back in January and have only just recently dug into with a strong desire to get some games in.

I actually began working on the arachnids last week and the sheer size of the pieces were honestly difficult for me to deal with. I think I ended up with more glue on my fingers than the model on the first try. Once I got to the second and third it became much easier. I wanted to do something a bit different with the bases. I debated ordered some of the base inserts which are really nice looking. However, I decided against it simply because I assume there would be lots of people with those bases built on the tables and I didn't want to wait for the items to arrive.

What I ended up doing (if you can't already tell) was raid my Warhammer 40K bits boxes and found a couple of Rhino doors. I added that and some basic cork to the bases to hopefully end up with a slightly more original and less seen base once on the table. I may still add some battle damage to the doors as well. I haven't decided just yet.

Once I was happy with the models and bases for the arachnid swarms I move onto Ramos. This one was very easy to assemble which only included two pieces (minus the base). I had to straighten the flame slightly after the glue had dried but was happy with the end positioning. To follow similar suite with the arachnid swarms I cut off another piece of Rhino door and planted this one so that it looks like it is coming out of the ground. There will of course be more basing materials such as stones and flock that will cover it more.

The last item in the set is the rather large Steamborg Executioner Class which is housed on a 50mm base. I have ordered a custom base for this fella which is why he is simply resting on the stock one pictured here. I also have not attached his arms until his new base arrives and I see just exactly what his positioning will be.

All in all I am quite pleased with the quality and detail found in the Malifaux miniatures line. I honestly can't wait to get some of these crews assembled and painted so I can begin playing some games!


  1. Are you going to pick up more Arachnids to use as individuals or just stick to the Swarms?

    I'll be interested to see how you get on with Ramos as our Rasputina player is looking to expand his Arcanist collection.

  2. At the time of this post I had not put much thought into the single arachnid models. However last week it was put onto my to purchase list. I will have both these two swarms and at least another set of 3 individuals for flexibility. That should be a good start until I see which works best for me and I can build the crew further from there.