Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On the Workbench - Onryo WIP

I wanted to get a little bit of an update out here on my hobby progress. The holidays and the first week of the new year here ended up being a bit busier than I had expected. I had every intention to finish painting my Kirai crew but that just hasn't happened yet.

I have finished my three Seishen and moved onto the two Onryo. At the time of typing this they are actually finished but I am still working on the video/pictures. The video below shows some of my work in progress though.

I used these models to practice my blending/layering on the flowing cloths which worked out well. Some of the colors I had picked to use ended up having to be swapped out due to some older separated paints. I also tried some not traditional metallic paints. I used a pearl white for the white parts of the robes and used a little bit of the metallic ruby red on the fan. I really liked this paints from Reaper and plan on using them some more once I get to my Ikiryo and Kirai models. I wanted to use some metallic colors to try and represent a silken cloth look and I was happy with the end results.

I have also begun work on my two Shikome and will get some updates to those by the weekend if all goes well.

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